Cascading Style Sheets (css)

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Welcome, we know that when we design a website on our computer we have to upload it to a server which is connected to the web and allows everyone to go to our domain name and view the contents of our server.

Well how do we make a website in our HTML and make it look good ? the answer is something called CSS, so we have a web page an actual page on our website that contains a bunch of code this can contains images video sound files other inventions that we have images and all kinds of other colors and styles and just random assorted stuff well all of this is organized into these nice neat blocks not by HTML it’s by something called CSS.

So all of this stuff goes into our page and we have the CSS file that is linked to our HTML page now the advantage of using CSS as an external file is the CSS will tell the HTML file things like : “your background color is bright red and every image is gonna have a light gray border around it and every link is going to be colored green”.

Now this is advantageous when you have 30 pages in your website and you decide you know what I don’t want my background color to be red anymore I want it to be you know kind of like a more modest blue well instead of going to every single one of your 30 HTML pages and editing the background color .

“So it is Easy for now.”

You simply go to the CSS file that’s linked to all those HTML pages and you say that your background color of your HTML file change from the red to the blue and yes, it automatically changes over every single page on your website that’s connected to that CSS file.

CSS cascading style sheets are incredibly important and vital to a great web design you need to learn how to use CSS , it’s really easy to learn how to do it it totally makes sense and it’s a language/script that actually works and you can see here how important to having a great HTML website and making it very easy to edit in the future that’s CSS and that’s how CSS works and that’s why CSS is important.


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