How To Create 3D FPS Game in 3 Days?

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How To Create 3D FPS Game in 3 Days?

Hello, today we will discuss how you can learn the 3D game industry, of course, the first game I produced was poor quality and I have never developed my technical capabilities in programming or design like Photoshop and others, and then shortly after I had learned C# programming and Photoshop required me almost a month’s time In full,
At that time, I was not aware of the existence of a thing called Unity or Unreal editors.

When I learned Unity, which is a very easy editor, I produced simple 2D games. As for 3D games, I produced them later.

it’s not hard to be a 3d game creator, just try to understand the concept of gaming.

So How to make a 3D game from scratch, I used a great site that produces the model players and enemy for free, the site is, you choose the character and change some colors with special software called blunder.


After which you used the Unity 3D assets packages to choose and select the place of the battle or the battlefield.

There are a lot of things to think about when making a game

  • What is the story of the game, the scenario.
  • Who are the characters or models of your game (assets).
  • What the game will be like.
  • What style of graphics or design will you use.

It mainly depends on the range (number of features, levels, technical assets), game technical development, team size, talent, and stability. The average unofficial game will likely take 2 to 6 months, while the average AAA game has an average of 18 to 36 months (developing the largest number of titles takes 5 years).

It depends, but if you are an independent developer, the thing that will take up most of your time is the assets because it is difficult to make but the coding is often easy if you get an idea of ​​what you should do for example the first frame in the second the game that you have played all Something to move the bullets.

But finally, I surrendered to give them speed in the direction but I can also move it now that I have experience I will be able to make it faster

It depends on how many people work on the game. Are you a one-man army and trying to make a game on your own. Or you have a team of developers and artists. What kind of target are you and what is your experience that you feel comfortable with developing a 3D game or developing a 2D game. No matter how expert you are, you still need one developer and 2D or 3D artist to create a regular game.

I am not a part of any game development team, but i can create my own script programming using open sources, planning of the game and secnarios of game ,and resources.

I programmed the characters by myself according to a simple scenario or mechanics, which is sniping and walking in several directions. Of course, do not forget about the accident situation if the enemy character hit the enemy or the enemy hit you.
The idea is simple and easy, and any beginner can add improvements to it.
I will wait for your questions and put the game link and the code used.


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