How To Retrieve Data with Java API and JSON

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How To Retrieve Data with Java API and JSON

Hello, everybody today we going to show you how to create a fetching data with Java API and JSON.

I’have been created short video to help you creating Java example,

So we need first to retrieve from any source it can be website url or json/xml file.

Let’s retrieve data from this URL :

So what we will do is displaying this data in our console as output,

we use GET method to retrieve data from the endpoint, HttpURLConnection, Inputstream and bufferedreader java import library.

if the response does not work and is not the code 200 which is connection OK , then the application will throw an Runtime exception with a message.

Otherwise, data will appear and displayed in the console output.

this is an simple example to explain how to retrieve the data json from any URL, next time i’ will create this example in Spring Boot framework.

So keep watching and following our tutorials.


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