Spring Boot E-Commerce project

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E-commerce implementatie met Spring Boot

Spring laars
Spring laars


Shopping cart is very important in each E-Commerce application, so that customers can be able to accumulate a list of items for purchase.

This tutorial i will describe the implementation of a shopping cart using Spring boot Java Backend and jQuery Javascript Frontend.

So, as every time we will just create a minimum viable product (MVP)

follow our tutorial Spring boot open Data Covid-19

follow our tutorial How to create Upload file page in Spring Boot with jQuery Ajax code.


  1. General knowledge on web applications and web development.
  2. Basic knowledge on HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript.
  3. Database Configuration and Connection JPA ORM.
  4. Spring Boot Framework, Java programming.

To Do and functionality:

  1. Displaying product details from the database -Database.
  2. Showing product details from database -Database.
  3. Implementing Zoom effect for products – JQuery.
  4. Adding selected item to the shopping cart – Spring Boot/JQuery.
  5. Showing all recently added cart items – Spring Boot/JQuery.
  6. Removing items from a cart – Spring Boot/JQuery.
  7. Checkout and open Paypal/or div. business payments methods.

So, The application is written based on:

Let’s first create our basic Database: tables : Accounts, Products, Orders, Order_details

Create a Spring Boot Project: EcommerceShoppingCartProject.

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Choose your libraries/dependency to be used:

  • Security
  • JPA
  • Web
  • MySQL

manage your dependencies

Configure Hibernate:

application.properties (MySQL)


after creating login component, let’s make your first Entities :

Enitity Classes package Entity:

Account, Order, OrderDetails, Product.

Entity Product:

Dao Access Layer :

Let’s create four dao access layer classes: AccountDao, OrderDao, OrderDitailsDao, ProductDao.

Download the full example code bellow.

Model Classes: let’s create six model classes.

ShoppingCartInfo Class

finally we create Controller to handle data from database to frontend.

display list of products.
Spring boot
list of product from database after adding frontend layer
How To Create Frontend ShoppingCart

Read JSON data using Jquery/Ajax:

// get list of products from the API 
$.getJSON("/productList", function(data){
     // show list of product on first load
// showProducts() method will be here

To be continued with video.



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