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That’s what SQL is for. It’s a language that communicates with databases.

Welcome back to yourtechpage and i’m going today to talk about SQL or the database language.

So SQL stands for structured query language. they call it SQL or Sequel In short, SQL is the name for a language that is used to communicate with databases. Databases that store your data.

If you want to pull, edit, add information(CRUD) to a database, you can use the language of SQL to do that. But how does SQL work? Think of a database like a warehouse.

Data tables like filing cabinets and data like files. This warehouse or database stores data. The warehouse database was built using coding languages like PHP ,C++, C or Java.

Imaging a video file a store or database and you need to watch a movie from a dynamic website, How do they do that? Option one. You could have a storefront built to the warehouse so that customers or users can ask for files, videos, text…, add files, delete files, but eventually this means you are building something that takes a lot of time, money. In the real world, this is the equivalent of building a whole app just to access the files in the database.

SQL can only speaks to a specific kind of database called a relational database, which is essentially a database that has a tabular schema.

there is other methods to speaks to database and the new one is NoSQL, but this is another technics.

NoSQL is a non relational database, this we will talk about it in the next article.

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